Abuse Counselling in Mytchett

Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, financial and can come in the form of domestic violence and can even be sadistic. The primary reason for abuse is the need to control, often stemming from a fear of being abandoned, alcohol use, a deep need for love or a low self-worth. The behaviour often starts slowly but over time becomes entrenched with repeated force or manipulation. The victim can become dependent upon the abuser as the situation progresses.

Abusers see themselves as powerless victims and don’t take responsibility for their own behaviour. They will use criticism, jealousy, withholding, put-downs and anger to control another. Repeated lack of consideration for another’s needs is also abusive. Counselling can assist people to relate better to one another, help the victim to detach themselves and to rebuild self esteem. Examining the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor model is often part of abuse therapy.

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