Workshops & Consultancy

Workshops for Clients - Understanding and improving the Couple Relationship Workshops for Counsellors, Psychotherapists … [Continue Reading]

Face-to-Face Counselling

Within face to face counselling, I will explore with you whatever distress, difficulty or dissatisfaction you might be … [Continue Reading]


You can come to my therapy rooms or speak to me by telephone or communicate with me online. I offer individual, couples, … [Continue Reading]

Supervision & coaching

My preferred approach is Person-Centred and my degree training was Integrated (e.g. CBT, Gestalt, TA), thus I am able to … [Continue Reading]

Working with you

MIND, the mental health charity, describe counselling as ‘providing a regular time and space for people to talk about their t … [Continue Reading]

The therapy environment

You don't have to lie on a couch (unless you wish to !) - you can choose a chair you are comfortable to sit in and in the Ash … [Continue Reading]

Working with couples

A one day workshop for psychotherapists and counsellors wishing to explore couples work. It covers topics such as couples … [Continue Reading]

How will I experience counselling?

You are the best expert on you. But... I won't judge you and I won't tell you what to do – but I will stay with you … [Continue Reading]

Who needs it and why?

Anyone  who is stuck, or searching or hurting can benefit from Counselling & Psychotherapy. I work with those who have or are being abused, with unhappy Couples, with sexual difficulties and with the addicted. I’ve worked with the famous and the infamous – we all have problems from time to time. My work includes people […]

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

I believe human beings do have the potential to change and that we are all experts on ourselves. I believe that one’s past is significant however value the Gestalt ‘here and now’ principle of perception and investigation, the Existential approach of making sense of what cannot be changed and the relationship influencers of the Transactional Analysis Ego­states of […]

About Val

After an early career as a Police Officer with critical incident training and then later in the business world, I became interested in ‘mental health’ and what makes people behave the way they do – so I studied psychology. I’ve worked with large and small organisations and have assisted people with the numerous issues which […]