What do you as a client, need, want… and get?

In the commercial world, one might say if you want to know what John Smith buys, you must see life through John Smiths eyes. The ability and quest to see life through the eyes of a client, is central to the work of the counsellor. The true answer to the question (what do clients need […]

Who needs it and why?

Anyone  who is stuck, or searching or hurting can benefit from Counselling & Psychotherapy. I work with those who have or are being abused, with unhappy Couples, with sexual difficulties and with the addicted. I’ve worked with the famous and the infamous – we all have problems from time to time. My work includes people […]

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

I believe human beings do have the potential to change and that we are all experts on ourselves. I believe that one’s past is significant however value the Gestalt ‘here and now’ principle of perception and investigation, the Existential approach of making sense of what cannot be changed and the relationship influencers of the Transactional Analysis Ego­states of […]

About Val

After an early career as a Police Officer with critical incident training and then later in the business world, I became interested in ‘mental health’ and what makes people behave the way they do – so I studied psychology. I’ve worked with large and small organisations and have assisted people with the numerous issues which […]