Face-to-Face Counselling

Within face to face counselling, I will explore with you whatever distress, difficulty or dissatisfaction you might be experiencing. My aim will be to understand things from your point of view, from your perspective and then help you to gain more clarity, make changes, exercise your choices, reduce confusion or perhaps accept a situation or a consequence. I won’t give you advice but I will help you feel clearer and less stuck. Everybody is welcome equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, class or culture.

Bottled up anger, anxiety, embarrassment or grief can feel quite overwhelming and the opportunity to express these feelings without being rushed, judge or denied, can be effective and healing. We may be able to look at things which you have not previously faced or accepted.

There are many different ‘models’ or ‘theories’ of counselling & psychotherapy, each with its own way of working and its own merits but all with a goal of assisting you to evaluate, accept or change aspects of yourself or your life. Cognitive behaviour Therapy encourages you to evaluate your thought and behaviour patterns with a view to making specific changes, Psychodynamic therapy will consider the influences of your childhood upon your present and Humanistic therapies will focus on the here and now and how you are feeling. My training integrated all these therapies (and a few more) however, within a caring and respectful relationship, I will help you to feel better – which after all is why you are considering coming for counselling.