Group Counselling

Group therapy brings different advantages to 1-1 counselling. It enables people to realise they are not alone with a problem and that others are experiencing similar feelings. It can provide an opportunity for a wide variety of responses and feedback and reduce feelings of isolation. It can provide a forum for listening, being listened to and for trying out new attitudes and approaches.

One’s habitual ways of relating are often reproduced in the group setting. This gives the group the opportunity to examine and understand the difficulties that arise, and this in turn allows new more productive patterns of relating to emerge and be established.

Groups are facilitated by myself or another qualified therapist and involve an element of psycho-education. They usually run on a Saturday or one night a week (for a six week period and are ‘closed’ to new members – new people are placed on a waiting list). Most popular are addiction groups, couples groups and abuse-survivor groups. Various different groups are running at any one time so please contact me to discuss your needs.

The next workshop scheduled is a one day event for couples wishing to improve their relationships. Topics include handling difference and dissatisfaction, shared values and goals, negotiating strategies, reducing tension, developing trust and affection, understanding dependence and inter-dependence, what to do when things go wrong and getting past anger and ‘baggage’.

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