Model of Supervision

I believe each supervisee is different and flexibility around their individual needs is itself, a component of the Person-Centred Approach. For example, I may use F. Inskipp and B. Proctor’s approach based on the normative (‘good-enough’ practice), formative (development of knowledge and skill) and restorative (release for client-load stress) elements of the relationship between supervisor and supervisee.

Alternatively P. Hawkins and R. Shohet’s humanistic process model which springs from “ourselves as wounded helpers”, perhaps S.Page and V. Wosket’s cyclical structure (contract, focus, space, bridge, review) or Michael Carroll’s 7 tasks of supervision (To consult, teach, develop a ‘learning relationship’, evaluate, monitor admin, counsel, monitor ethical issues).

Please see BACP information sheet ‘what is supervision?’.

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