Police interview workshop


Abuse disclosure is on the increase. Counsellors aren’t crime prevention officers but we want to help people feel better without them harming others. New legislation now making Coercive behaviour illegal, has implications for Counsellors and Psychotherapists working with individuals and couples. It sits within Safeguarding regulations and is reflected within the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy’s new Ethical Framework. Better understanding of behaviour profiles increases a Counsellor’s confidence in recognising pre or post offending patterns and this is particularly significant with Sex Offending and the risk assessment of emotionally abusive and coercive behaviour.

Speaking with those who are either suspects, perpetrators, witnesses or survivors of abusive behaviour is a specific skill and the legal (e.g. Serious Crime Act 2015 – Coercive control, Duty of Confidence and MAPPA, multi agency public protection arrangements), forensic (mindsets, offender ‘types’) and behavioural aspects (e.g. enhanced cognitive interviewing) used by Police are examined in this workshop, with Counsellors and Psychotherapists specifically in mind.

The workshop uses taped live offender interviews (and has some strong content) and is co-facilitated by a serving Detective who specialises in the field and a Psycho-sexual therapist who is also an ex-police officer.

CPD certificates will be provided.

Amanda (Dip Counselling) is a serving Officer experienced in (hostile) negotiation, mediation, assessment, Major Disaster Management, Specialist Interviewing, Mental Health, Vulnerable Adults, current/historic Child Abuse, Sexual Offenders and Domestic Abusers. Val (BA Counselling – ex police) is a Psychotherapist who has worked with prisoners.

Next workshop: Saturday 11th March 2017  10:15 am – 4:00 pm    Fee: £98 includes tea and coffee (shops for sandwiches 2 mins walk)

Venue: The Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road, Ash, Surrey GU12 5DP (Free parking, however if full then alternative parking opposite Victoria Hall 2 mins walk GU12 5DN)

How to book: email your interest to val@counselling-in-surrey.co.uk providing your full name, address, telephone number and physcho-therapeutic role title.